Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Terra & Beast Boy

You can't talk about Terra without talking about Beast Boy.

Terra and Beast Boy are just adorable and, unfortunately, also tragic. Ashley Johnson and Greg Cipes did such great work bringing the emotions, good and bad, of those characters. It's just an amazing job.

From watching the Teen Titans Go! cartoon, I can see why people ship Raven with Beast Boy, and I like Raven a lot, but I gotta go with Terra x Beast Boy for this show.

With this mini, I'm almost moving into diorama territory. The Stargirl Heroclix that I used for the base has Stargirl and...some guy? Don't know, but she's floating on a staff-thingy, which I converted into some flying rock.

I was thinking of the scene in "Betrayal" when Terra comes to Beast Boy's window. Surprisingly, it's not easy to find pictures of the two of them on a rock together. Well, not official artwork at least.

Oh, in addition to making the rock, I gave the other guy ears to make him more Beast Boy like.

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