Friday, April 17, 2015

Firewall - G.I. Joe Hacker

I know virtually nothing about Firewall beyond what I learned playing the now-defunct G.I. Joe Battleground mobile game: she's a hacker, a pistol expert, and trained under Mainframe.

I never read the Devil's Due G.I. Joe comics, but it seems like that version has pigtails and gets tied up or something? And she has a role in one of the G.I. Joe \ Transformers crossover?

Who knows?

Anyways, while I don't know much about her, I liked her card art in the game, so I made a mini for her.

I used the Heroclix Sasha Bordeaux, even though the pants weren't quite right. Also, I seem to have forgotten to give her gloves.

Maybe this is her casual uniform?

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