Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Frostbite - Snow Cat Driver

Hey, another winter themed Joe!

I always like the winter themed Joes and Cobras. And there were plenty of them...more than any other theme, I think.

Frostbite was the Snow Cat driver, but to me he was the guy who came with the coolest gun. I'm pretty sure his gun got shared by all the Joes and Cobras at one point or another. Much like the Snow Serpent's AK-47.

For Frostbite, I used the Heroclix Red Ghost and removed the long hair and replaced it with Frostbite's winter hat and goggles. I add his shoulder holster too, although I made the strap look like it goes under the hood of his parka. The parka isn't an exact match for Frostbite's coat, but close enough for me.

I didn't base him on a snowy base so he'd match the other Joes. Besides, they had so many winter guys, they had to send them out on non-winter missions now and then.

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