Monday, April 6, 2015

Korra - Fire Ferret Pro-bender

When I started watching Korra, I thought the Pro-bending subplot was a bit like the Quidditch matches in Harry Potter. While it adds color to the story, it kind of drags out too long.

On re-watching though, I started to like the Pro-bending a bit more. In fact, I kind of wish we had gotten some more Pro-bending in the latter seasons after the Harmonic Convergence led to more airbenders in the world.

Surely there had to be at least one Pro-bending fan who suddenly got airbending and wanted to join a team, leading to some crazy new situations where they didn't have rules for airbenders. Sounds like something Bumi would have enjoyed.

To make Korra's Pro-bending outfit, I started with the Skrull Rebel Heroclix and trimmed the shoulder pads. Then I used green stuff to add the tunic, belt, and other details. I tried to approximate the Future Industries gear logo as best I could. And I forgot to add the parts of the blue sash where it's tied. Maybe she tucked that in?

I probably won't do the who teams uniforms. I just saw that miniature and it looked like a Pro-bender to me...

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