Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Equalist - Anti-bending Revolutionary

In the original Avatar series, one of the most effective fighters was a non-bender: Ty Lee. With her chi blocking technique, she was able to easily take down benders. And she was pretty much the only one we saw chi blocking.

So, a whole army of terrorists trained in chi blocking? Yeah, The Legend of Korra really cranked up the difficulty.

The great thing about the Equalists is it gave Korra an enemy similar to the Stormtroopers from Star Wars: a mass of faceless minions to fight.

Unlike Stormtroopers though, the Equalists are actually very skilled opponents. (Well, for everyone but Asami who went through them like a Future Industries manufactured knife through butter.)

For the Equalist, I used a Star Wars Miniature Elite Sith Assassin and used green stuff to modify him.

The one unfortunate thing about this mini is that his pose kind of looks like he's ringing a doorbell. Not very action-oriented.

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