Friday, April 24, 2015

Arcee - Autobot Warrior

Arcee wasn't the first female Transformer, but she's probably the most well known. It is kind of a shame they made her so pink though. Nothing wrong with pink, but making the first major female Autobot pink is a little on the nose.

I feel bad for G1 Arcee because she's had some pretty bad characterization over the years. In the original movie and cartoon, she was just kind of the team mom. I didn't see much of the Headmasters, but that looks like it was pretty weird. Then flash forward to the recent IDW comics where she's kind of a maniac-assassin and, well, it's pretty rough.

It seems like recent issues are tempering that though. She's a bit less ax-crazy and showing some real depth.

For Arcee, I used the Moondragon Heroclix and added her helmet and back-thingies with green stuff.

No vehicle mode because I didn't have a Micro Machine that matched her awesome space car.

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