Thursday, August 29, 2013

Night-Creeper - Cobra Ninja

I learn a lot about the different character designs while painting up these minis. Sometimes I learn it in the process of painting and sometimes I learn it after the fact. For example, I just noticed that the top of Night-Creeper's head is silver. Whoops!

Night-Creeper came along right about the time I was getting out of collecting G.I.Joes. I remember seeing him on the pegs at stores, but I'm not sure I ever had one. He did make an impression on me though...mostly in a "that's not Storm Shadow" kind of way.

Looking at the character now, the idea of a force of high-tech Ninjas sounds pretty cool. Someone should do something with that idea...

Anyway, for Night-Creeper, I made use of a Zerboz Blue Power Ranger and a little green stuff for the mask and armor.

Now, to fix the missing silver top or declare this a "variant"?


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Starduster - Jet Pack Trooper

Starduster was never featured in the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series or the cartoon, which may be why he was one of my favorite Joes. Unlike most of the characters, he's almost a blank slate, so I could decide his personality for myself.

As a figure, Starduster was put together from repainted parts of previous figures. Fittingly, my Starduster is an amalgam of 3 different Heroclix: The body is from Crossbones, the head is from the Punisher, and the jet pack is from Major Maxim.

I decided not to repaint the Punisher head...which I kind of regret now. Looking at it in the photo, the Punisher has some seriously *crazy* eyes.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stalker - Ranger

Stalker was kind of a non-entity in the cartoon, but he was a major player in the comic book. In fact, for the first couple of years, he was one of the guys you'd most likely see in charge of a mission.

When I first got into G.I. Joe, I wasn't really sure what a "Ranger" only frame of reference was Texas Rangers. Stalker was my introduction to the Rangers.

So, years later, when I got into Dungeons & Dragons and saw a character class also called "Ranger", I knew what that meant: they were a whole class of bad-asses. I'm not saying that Stalker is the reason why Ranger is my preferred D&D class, but I'm also not *not* saying it.

For Stalker, I used the EM4 Miniatures 0433 Trooper. MAR. Beret and I think it worked fine. Sure, my camo color is off a little bit, but what are you going to do?


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wild Weasel - Cobra Rattler Pilot

Wild Weasel was the first Cobra pilot introduced and had the most awesome plane in the whole toy line.

But maybe I'm biased...

Wild Weasel is one of those characters that should have been more popular, but for some reason, he would up being more of a background player.

Normally, when I choose a mini to paint up for this project, I try to find one that really suits the character. Sometimes though, I buy a handful of minis off eBay for cheap, and then try to figure out who I can make from them.

That's how I would up going from a Heroclix S.W.A.T. Specialist to Wild Weasel. I added a little green stuff around his visor  to form Wild Weasel's mask, but other wise used him as is.

I was actually torn between converting this mini into either Wild Weasel or a Motor Viper. I decided Wild Weasel was a better option. I also was torn on trying to include his leg maps...but decided against it.

That decision I'm not so sure about now...



I went back later and added his legs maps:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flash - Laser Rifle Trooper

Whenever I'm painting up one of these minis, there's usually a point at the beginning where I wonder if the fig will look enough like the original figure. Usually, there will be a certain color that I add that suddenly brings everything into focus.

For Flash, surprisingly, the turning point was the brown boots, gloves and pads.

I started with the Heroclix Halo Marine (Battle Rifle) #2 and added a visor with green stuff. I also added thigh pads to his legs. Once I added the brown, Flash really started to look like himself.

Flash is one of the first Joes that I recognized as being replaced (by Sci-Fi) when I was little. I was kind of sad to see such an iconic Joe replaced, but have to admit that Sci-Fi was pretty cool.

If you like neon...


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dr. Mindbender - Master of Mind Control

OK, getting back into the swing of things with what may be my best conversion yet:

Dr. Mindbender is one of those G.I.Joe characters that people love to bash. A crazy former-orthodontist who dresses in black and purple fetish gear? Easy target.

I always liked his costume though. Even as a kid I thought, "This guys knows how to dress to freak people out. He's aware he looks absurd, he probably planned it that way."

And again, another Joe-related figure with a sweet 'stache. What is it with Hasbro and mustaches?

For Dr. Mindbender, I started with the Heroclix Lex Luthor #008 and added a monocle, mustache, and cape with green stuff.

I left the Kryptonite because, honestly, if there were *any* Cobra villain that would discover Kryptonite, it would be Dr. Mindbender.