Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Flash - Laser Rifle Trooper

Whenever I'm painting up one of these minis, there's usually a point at the beginning where I wonder if the fig will look enough like the original figure. Usually, there will be a certain color that I add that suddenly brings everything into focus.

For Flash, surprisingly, the turning point was the brown boots, gloves and pads.

I started with the Heroclix Halo Marine (Battle Rifle) #2 and added a visor with green stuff. I also added thigh pads to his legs. Once I added the brown, Flash really started to look like himself.

Flash is one of the first Joes that I recognized as being replaced (by Sci-Fi) when I was little. I was kind of sad to see such an iconic Joe replaced, but have to admit that Sci-Fi was pretty cool.

If you like neon...


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