Thursday, August 29, 2013

Night-Creeper - Cobra Ninja

I learn a lot about the different character designs while painting up these minis. Sometimes I learn it in the process of painting and sometimes I learn it after the fact. For example, I just noticed that the top of Night-Creeper's head is silver. Whoops!

Night-Creeper came along right about the time I was getting out of collecting G.I.Joes. I remember seeing him on the pegs at stores, but I'm not sure I ever had one. He did make an impression on me though...mostly in a "that's not Storm Shadow" kind of way.

Looking at the character now, the idea of a force of high-tech Ninjas sounds pretty cool. Someone should do something with that idea...

Anyway, for Night-Creeper, I made use of a Zerboz Blue Power Ranger and a little green stuff for the mask and armor.

Now, to fix the missing silver top or declare this a "variant"?


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