Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Buzzer - Dreadnok

When it comes to Zartan's Dreadnoks, consistency was something I wanted to maintain. Instead of picking random figures here and there to be his gang, I made an effort to find a group of similar miniatures. After a bit of searching, I decided on a few figures from the EM4 Miniatures Savages and Bikers lines.

Buzzer was the first Dreadnok I had and, in my canon, was the leader of the Dreadnoks (after Zartan). As it turned out, that was pretty much his role in the comics as well, so I was pleased I'd identified him correctly.

EM4's Savages line is a little more Mad Max than Hell's Angel's, but I thought the 0024 Savage. Saw Edged Sword mini worked for Buzzer. I guess he's grown his hair out a bit and traded his chainsaw in for a saw tooth sword.

It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but this mini has a teddy bear strapped to his pack. Considering Buzzer's short arc in the comics where he kidnapped Candy (aka Bongo the Bear), this seems appropriate.


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