Thursday, September 12, 2013

Monkeywrench - Dreadnok

After the original three, Zartan would go on to recruit many more Dreadnoks, including the exposives expert Monkeywrench.

I always imagined that Monkeywrench and Firefly would have a sort of professional rivalry. Firefly probably knew more about explosives from a technical point of view, where Monkeywrench probably made up for his lack of training by being a nutcase.

Another Dreadnok means another EM4 miniature, this one is 0064 Male Biker, SMG, Chain. There are a lot of little details that match up pretty well: the beard, the vest, the jeans and belt buckle.  He even has a grenade on his belt and what looks like some electronic detonator behind him.

He's missing the shades and I totally spaced and forgot about his gloves, but otherwise, a great match.

Now, I think I need to move on to non-Dreadnok pastures for a while before I start motorcycle shopping...


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