Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Firefly - Cobra Saboteur

Firefly is kind of the Boba Fett of the G.I.Joe universe: He looks cool, but he doesn't do much.

Firefly was one of my favorite figures and I was always a little sad that he didn't get much focus in the comic or the cartoon. He was usually there, but just kind of off to the side, blowing stuff up.

I think the comic eventually tied him into the whole Arashikage ninja clan dynamic somehow...I'm not sure I like that idea though.

The pyromaniac version in the Renegades cartoon was interesting. And, while I hated pretty much everything about G.I.Joe: Retaliation, I did kind of like the movie version of Firefly.

When I started on this project, I saw Spymaster and thought, "There's my Firefly." I still shopped around but for some reason this Heroclix mini just seemed to match the figure in my mind. Maybe the green gun is a bit much, but what can you do?


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