Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mercer - Renegade

Some minis I paint because they are my favorites...some, because I have extra minis lying around. Guess which one this is...

I guess there's nothing wrong with Mercer, but he just didn't stand out when mixed with other (better) Joes. It probably didn't help that he came packed with 2 guys that would probably be horrible  stereotypes if I could figure out what they were stereotyping.

Anyway, for Mercer, I used an extra Punisher Heroclix I had left and it works pretty well. Pants could be brighter blue. Could have added details to his shirt. I suppose I could have green stuff'd him a flattop.

But I didn't.



While I didn't give him a flatop, I did add some more detail to his legs and chest with green stuff:

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