Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Torch - Dreadnok

Where Buzzer is the "brains" of the original Dreadnoks, and Ripper is the dumb one, Torch is more of the Team Mom of the trio.

In the comics, Torch was the guy who could sort of tell that they shouldn't be doing something, but went along anyway. So, he's still dumb, but maybe not as dumb as Ripper...barely.

I was wondering for a while how I was going to find a mini with Torch's distinctive chops, but luckily the EM4 Miniatures Gangers set had just the right head for him.

The set comes with parts for 5 miniatures (3 male, 2 female) and the arms, legs, and heads are interchangeable (between the same sex parts at least).

I gave Torch the most Flamethrower\Torch looking weapon and added some tanks and a hose with green stuff and pieces of the plastic tree they minis came in.

I guess in this reality, Torch traded in his vest for a chain mail shirt. Not sure how well that goes with a flamethrower...

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