Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wild Weasel - Cobra Rattler Pilot

Wild Weasel was the first Cobra pilot introduced and had the most awesome plane in the whole toy line.

But maybe I'm biased...

Wild Weasel is one of those characters that should have been more popular, but for some reason, he would up being more of a background player.

Normally, when I choose a mini to paint up for this project, I try to find one that really suits the character. Sometimes though, I buy a handful of minis off eBay for cheap, and then try to figure out who I can make from them.

That's how I would up going from a Heroclix S.W.A.T. Specialist to Wild Weasel. I added a little green stuff around his visor  to form Wild Weasel's mask, but other wise used him as is.

I was actually torn between converting this mini into either Wild Weasel or a Motor Viper. I decided Wild Weasel was a better option. I also was torn on trying to include his leg maps...but decided against it.

That decision I'm not so sure about now...



I went back later and added his legs maps:

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