Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dr. Mindbender - Master of Mind Control

OK, getting back into the swing of things with what may be my best conversion yet:

Dr. Mindbender is one of those G.I.Joe characters that people love to bash. A crazy former-orthodontist who dresses in black and purple fetish gear? Easy target.

I always liked his costume though. Even as a kid I thought, "This guys knows how to dress to freak people out. He's aware he looks absurd, he probably planned it that way."

And again, another Joe-related figure with a sweet 'stache. What is it with Hasbro and mustaches?

For Dr. Mindbender, I started with the Heroclix Lex Luthor #008 and added a monocle, mustache, and cape with green stuff.

I left the Kryptonite because, honestly, if there were *any* Cobra villain that would discover Kryptonite, it would be Dr. Mindbender.


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