Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unpainted: Duke - First Sergeant

Still behind on getting any minis painted, so today I thought I'd take a different angle: minis I *won't* be painting.

When I started this project, I pretty much started with my favorites: Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, etc.

Eventually though, my plans expanded to include most of the Joes from the original 1982 lineup through the 1987 lineup, with a few odd singles here and there.

However, there are a few figures that I will probably never do, and the biggest one of them all is Duke.

I just can't stand Duke: I don't like the figure. I hate him in the cartoon. I don't care for him in the comic. He was a dope in the live movie.

So far, the only version of Duke that I can tolerate is Renegades Duke, and he's just kind of...OK. Generically OK.

I've never understood why this bland, blond wing nut became one of the most well known faces of the team.

Seems like every iteration of G.I.Joe comic, cartoon, or video game features Duke.

But not mine.


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