Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sci-Fi - Laser Trooper

For some of the Joes, finding a miniature that matches the look and feel can be quite a task.

For others, I just see a mini and think, "Hey, there's Sci-Fi."

For Sci-Fi, I ran across this Star Wars Miniature Human Mercenary.

He's got the helmet, the rifle, the boots. The only difference is the mini has kind of long outer coat look instead of the silver and green vest. But still a pretty good match.

In fact, the hardest think to find for Sci-Fi was a nice bright green paint. I ordered a bottle of Reaper Moth Green and it looks just about perfect for Sci-Fi.

Don't worry though Flash fans, I plan to include the original Joe Laser Trooper down the line.



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