Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cover Girl - Wolverine Driver

There are many iconic female characters in the G.I. Joe line: Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Baroness, Jinx, Zarana...

And then there's Cover Girl.

Poor Cover Girl never seems to get a break. While she was used some in the cartoon (when Scarlett and Lady Jaye were busy), she was mostly ignored in the comic and tragically killed in the Rise of Cobra movie. (Not to mention being demoted to an assistant to Hawk.)

Uh...Spoiler Alert?

Anyway, while the other females got cool Specialties like Intelligence or Ninja, Cover Girl was the Wolverine driver. But at one point or another, every other Joe drove a tank anyway, so Cover Girl was left looking like the one guy on a superhero team whose only power is flight: awesome unless others can do that AND something better.

Even Cover Girl's color scheme is kind of dull: brown and tan. The other Joe girls have red, black, pink, green, etc. Cover Girl kind of got shafted.

Finding a mini I thought fit Cover Girl was actually kind of hard *because* she is not well defined.

I went with the Heroclix DEO Agent, but this will just be a stand in until I find a better mini for her.

As one of the second series figures and the second female Joe, she deserves better.



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