Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Shredder - Leader of the Foot Clan

When it comes to cartoon villains, it's hard to top The Shredder. As much as I like G.I.Joe, I have to admit, Shredder could probably beat all of Cobra by himself.

Not only is Shredder tough, but he's also a jerk. When you see how he treats his underlings, and especially his "daughter" Karai, it's hard to not dislike him.

For The Shredder, I based my miniature on the action figure. I started with a Heroclix Brother Blood Acolyte and used green stuff and staples to add his helmet, armor, blades, and cape.

I kept his arm blades simple, but tried to make the rest of his armor as imposing as bent staples can be.

I noticed when taking his photo that I didn't really paint his bad eye, and I neglected to give him the dark purple sash\belt.

Eh, I think it works as is...


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