Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bree Van Mark - Lifeline's Girlfriend

"The Million Dollar Medic" introduced us to Brittany "Bree" Van Mark who, like Amber, winds up dating a Joe (Lifeline) but unlike Amber, also causes millions of dollars of damage to the Joe HQ.

Oh, and she also steals a helicopter.

Bree plays the usual clueless rich girl who gives outlandish and unnecessary gifts (a gold plated helicopter?) to Lifeline and needs to be rescued constantly. Which is a problem since the object of her affections is a pacifist. Thankfully, there's a whole team of other Joes ready to help. That does lead to some weirdness though, like at the end of the episode when Lifeline delays Cobra long enough for Iceberg to save Bree and Lifeline. And then as they kiss, Iceberg awkwardly trudges back down the mountain.

They didn't even say "thanks".

For Bree I used a Heroclix Triplicate Girl. The end result is a mini that looks way more capable that she is shown to be in the show.


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