Monday, June 2, 2014

Amber - Quick Kick's Girlfriend

There's probably other ways I could label Amber: College Student, Wanna-be Joe, Suspected Spy, but most people would probably remember her just as Quick Kick's girlfriend from the episode "Lasers in the Night".

When I saw that episode as a kid I was like, "What?", but now I kind of like it. It shows a more personal side of the Joes and also has one of the most ridiculous schemes in all the cartoon episodes. Even sillier than rocket-armed hamburger joints.

For Amber, all I really needed was someone in a skintight costume with long hair, but I also wanted one that was posed in a way that showed her attitude. I picked the Heroclix Diamondback miniature because of the confident pose.

I suppose I could have removed the weird bicep pouch\thing


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