Monday, June 30, 2014

Tron - System Monitor

As a kid, Tron was one of my favorite movies. And one of the first movies I got on DVD too. So, when Tron: Legacy came out, I had high hopes...which Legacy didn't quite live up to. (Although that movie has grown on me.)

Since Legacy kind of disappointed me, I wound up missing Tron: Uprising until recently, which is a shame because it's FANTASTIC! Really a bummer that it ended with only one season.

Although Tron is not the star of Uprising, it does a good job of showing just how awesome he is, and have Bruce Boxleitner return to voice him is very cool.

For Tron, I started with a Red Robin Heroclix and gave him a disk using green stuff. Turns out, making flat disks with green stuff is pretty hard, so his disk looks a big like a large doughnut.

Maybe that's what doughnuts look like on the grid...

I tried to approximate his circuitry pattern. Considering how small he is, I think I got the basic look across OK.

Other than the doughtnut...



  1. how do you cut the plastic????

    1. Do you mean his cape? I was able to just pull it off. It left a hold in his back but I filled it with the kneadatite epoxy, which is also what I used for his disc.

  2. how do you cut the plastic????