Friday, June 13, 2014

Chuckles - Undercover

Chuckles was a new Joe introduced in G.I.Joe the Movie and boy did he get screwed!

In the comic, Chuckles was a crafty, intelligent undercover agent who was involved in several important operations. In the movie, he couldn't speak (apparently) and was just kind of a muscular goon.

Poor Chuckles.

For Chuckles, I knew the main thing I wanted in a mini was a shoulder holster. I could have just made one with green stuff, but I decide to use the Heroclix Gotham Undercover. The Heroclix mini has a tie so I figured, if Chuckles was going to wear a tie with a loud Hawaiian shirt, it would need to be very 80's looking.

So...white tie.Maybe I should have added piano keys to it to make it *really* 80's.


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