Friday, June 6, 2014

Cadet Deming - Crimson Guard Cadet

If there's any episode of the G.I.Joe cartoon that sticks in people's mind, it's the two part "There's No Place Like Springfield." You know, the one with melting Roadblock.

There are several one-off characters in that episode (along with the return of Mara) but the one I picked for today is Cadet Deming.

Cadet Deming was kind of a nice addition to the Cobra ranks. She was a new female face, training to be an interrogator, and was even more hysterical than the Baroness.

Sadly, she was only featured in this storyline and never shown again. Maybe she too was a synthoid.

For Cadet Deming, I used the Heroclix Oracle figure. I guess she got a haircut...


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