Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sheila the Thief

Where Hank is the head of the Dungeons and Dragons gang, Sheila is the heart. And of all the characters in the show, she is the most out of place in the Realm.

While Sheila was kind of the team mom, and a bit overly emotional at times, she did her fair share of fighting as well. Instead of direct attacks, she used misdirection and tricks, which seems very thief-like.

The hard part about finding a mini that worked for Sheila is that a lot of thief type minis are armed or look way more lethal than I wanted. Or, they were in "sexy" armor that I also did not want.

Finally, I decided to modify a Heroclix Magdalena miniature I happened to have. I removed the weapons and added a skirt. She still looks tougher than the cartoon version, but not crazy.

I guess technically since her hood is up you shouldn't be able to see her, but you could have a big discussion about how exactly Sheila's cloak of invisibility works. Sometimes it seems to make her intangible, sometimes not. Or maybe she's just a fast runner.

Who knows?

Would She Stay or Would She Go?

Sheila would definitely go home. No question about that.


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