Friday, April 11, 2014

Eric the Cavalier

The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon is my favorite cartoon and my favorite episode of it is "Day of the Dungeon Master". That episode has a lot to do with why I think Eric is my favorite character in the show.

Eric was supposed to be the complainer who is always wrong, in order to "teach" kids that you should follow the group. But kids are smart enough to figure out that Eric often had a point. He regularly calls out Dungeon Master for not being as helpful as he could be, while the other kids blindly follow what DM suggests.

As a kid, I definitely paid attention.

Eric was the comic relief character and portrayed as cowardly, but he always rushed into protect others. While some of the others were a little two dimensional, Eric had layers. I think that's why I like when he gets to be DM for a day. He gets a chance to show more of his character.

Finding a mini that had the armor and shield but no weapon was difficult. Even removing the weapon wouldn't work for many because the pose would be too aggressive. Eventually, I settled on the Human Cleric of Bahamut. I removed the pick and modified the shield a little. His right hand is a little awkward, but I like to think that's Eric trying to figure out how to make a fist.

Would He Stay or Would He Go?

Eric most definitely would take the portal back home the first chance he got but...I think he would regret it. He'd go back to school, go to college and start working in his dad's company and just be bored and miserable. But I like to think that DM would give him some way to come back to the Realm and Eric just might decide he missed the place.


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