Friday, April 18, 2014

Presto the Magician

If it weren't for Eric, Presto would probably be considered the comic relief character. As a kid though, I found Presto to be the most relatable of the gang. He was unsure of himself and clumsy and never could get his magic hat to work. But he was earnest and tried to help as best he could.

Truly, a role model for the eighties.

Finding a miniature that looked like a wizard but without a beard or really fancy robes proved a bit challenging. Finally, I decide to stick with a simple mini I had used before, Heroclix Jason Blood.

My general rule is to avoid using the same miniature for a different character, but are from different continuities (in this case, the DnD Cartoon and G.I.Joe) then I think it's alright.

I added the magic hat, glasses, and belt with pouch using green stuff. I can't find the reference image I used before, but his belt looked like that in the image (more or less) and his had was kind of slumped over too. Maybe he was running?

Would He Stay or Would He Go?

Presto, more than any of the other kids, has more reason to stay than to go. For one thing, we know he wants to be a magician but his tricks usually don't work. And from the episode "City at the Edge of Midnight" we know that even the younger neighbor kids look down on his tricks. So for that reason alone, I think he would stay.

But more than that, Presto has a girl waiting for him in the Realm: Varla. From what we are told in the episode, it seems like True Love between Presto and Varla, so why would he go home to a world that scoffs at his dreams when he can stay in the realm with a girl who loves him and the chance to learn magic for real?

Presto totally stays, becomes an apprentice to a magician (maybe a reformed Venger after the events of "Requiem") and settles down with Varla.


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