Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bobby the Barbarian

Let me be honest here: when i was a kid, I hated Bobby the Barbarian. He was everything I dislike about kids in cartoons: loud, snarky, and stupidly fearless.

As an adult, I can see his merits and kind of appreciate the role he plays in the group. But it took a little time to get to that point.

But every team needs their Raphael, and Bobby fits the bill.

The hard thing with finding a mini for Bobby was deciding if I wanted to lean more childlike or more barbarian. I considered a few gnome and halfling fighter minis, but most looked tougher than I wanted for Bobby.

In the end, I settled on the Heroclix Gee figure and added details with green stuff. Now that I look at it, his shorts didn't really come out right, but it's close enough.

I tried to find a way to put the club in his hand without major remodeling of the hand, but finally gave up and put it on the ground at his feet.

I kind of wish I had taken the time to model a locket in his upraised hand. The pose is similar to the ending of "The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow".

Would He Stay or Would He Go?

Even though Bobby whines about not getting home in "The Dragon's Graveyard", I think he would stay. For one thing, Uni can't leave the Realm, but more importantly, I think he just loves smashing stuff. I can see him growing up and taking over some barbarian clan somewhere. Yeah, he's staying.


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