Monday, April 14, 2014

Diana the Acrobat

There is one thing about the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon that I don't like and it applies to all fantasy stories: the Fur Bikini. I don't know who came up with this look (probably the same people behind the Chain Mail Bikini, but it's a look I really don't like.

I could have done Diana with the fur bikini to be more accurate to the show, but my thought was this: If *I* was her, the first thing I would do is find a pair a pants.

I never thought about it as a kid, but Diana is kind of an awesome character. She's possibly the best fighter in the group, brave and smart. And unlike Sheila who gets a few "whiny girl" scenes, Diana is confident enough that we don't see her play the victim. She's bad-ass.

For Diana, I found the Star Wars mini Twi'lek bodyguard and tried to make her hair with green stuff. I think it works. And she's posed and ready to kick a Bullywug in the face.

Would She Stay or Would She Go?

I'm on the fence about whether Diana would return home or not. She has a lot waiting for her at her home, but she honestly seems to enjoy being in the Realm. With her combat prowess, her intelligence, and her willingness to help, I could see her becoming adviser to a kingdom or something.

Or she might return and get a gold medal at the Olympics. It could go either way.


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