Monday, January 12, 2015

Shooter - G.I. Joe Sniper

I started reading the Marvel G.I.Joe comics around issue #36, but through back issues and reprints, managed to read many of the earlier stories, including the original first issue. And I was very aware of the mysterious 14th Joe shown on computer in that issue:

I was also comic book saavy enough to know that the character listed as "Shooter" was probably a reference to then Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter.

But leave it to comics fans to give that in-joke a backstory.

The new story for Shooter is that she was the secret 14th member of the team, a sniper who supported the team from a distance. And was sadly killed in action during that first mission.

It's a interesting twist on the story and I like the idea that there was a secret member than no one else knew about. Although, since that was in the Devil's Due line, that's probably alternate continuity now...

For Shooter, I used the SHIELD Agent Heroclix.


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