Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bolin - Earthbender

Some of the characters on Legend of Korra can be divisive, but I think there's one thing we can all agree on: Bolin is great!

Bolin is definitely the heart of the new Team Avatar, and as the story goes, you can see how he makes so many decisions (good and bad) with his heart in the right place. Of course, he would join Kuvira...he wanted to help.

Actually, this link on sums up his character better than I can.

In short: Bolin, Hero of the World.

For Bolin, I wanted a pose that looked like he was doing some bending, and I happened to have a Heroclix Thunder laying around, so...I yanked that light beam thing of his chest, and used green stuff to make Bolin's hair and jacket.

Now he kind of looks like he doing some kind of stomp move. (Maybe...if you squint?)

Shipping Department

OK, I might take some flack for this but...while Opal is nice and all, my preferred partner for Bolin is...Eska.

Yeah, I know. She wasn't particularly nice to him, and she's creepy, but at the end of Season 2, my headcanon was that she mellowed out a little and learned to be a little more...human? And who better to learn from than Bolin.

I'm not anti-Bopal. That's how the story went, so I'm fine with that but, I can't help think, what could have been...

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