Monday, January 19, 2015

Korra - Avatar

My introduction to Korra was...not ideal.

I binge watched all of The Last Airbender, and then went straight into Legend of Korra (which was just finishing up Season 2 at the time.) Going from The Last Airbender to Korra was total mood whiplash, and it took me a while to really get into the new Team Avatar.

But the show, and Korra, really grew on me. So much so that I would say Korra is not only my favorite of the Avatar series, but might well be my new favorite show of all time. (Sorry, Dungeons and Dragons cartoon!)

So, it was only a matter of time before I started making mini-Avatars...

For my first attempt at Korra, I used a Terra Heroclix I happened to have laying around. I trimmed off Terra's ponytails and changed it to match Korra's and added her fur wrap with green stuff. I say this is my first attempt because I plan to try a couple of versions to see which works best. I know for this one, the pants aren't baggy enough and the color is a little off in places, but this was kind of a trial run.

I totally plan to do all of Team Avatar and then some...

Shipping Department

Before watching Avatar and Korra, I never really knew how strongly fans felt about the characters relationships. When I started watching Korra, I wasn't particularly into her relationship with Mako. I wasn't against it, I just found them both kind of annoying.

As the series progressed (particularly through Season 3), I started thinking, "They don't have to put Korra in a relationship...but if they do, the only person that makes sense is Asami. She seems to really care for Korra and they get along great."

And I figured that would be the end of that thought...

Until the finale...

When I watched the finale, and saw Korra talking to Mako at the party I was like, "Oh, here we go..." but then it moved on. And then she was talking with Tenzin and I was waiting for the credits to roll...and then Asami showed up.

And...the rest is history...


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    1. Hi. Close, kneadatite epoxy again. Works like clay but air dries. I think it actually comes out harder than air dry clay would too.