Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Snake Eyes - Future Noir

There have been many, many versions of Snake Eyes over the years.

And here's another one.

The problem with Snake Eyes is that, although there have been many versions of his costume, they are all pretty similar. (With a few funky exceptions.) So, for Future Noir, they didn't really do anything unexpected. He's still in black with a mask. He looks a little more futuristic, but still basically Snake Eyes.

The biggest difference between normal Snake Eyes and the Future Noir universe version is that Noir Snake Eyes is not associated with G.I.Joe. He works solely for the Arashikage clan. Had the Future Noir series continued past those 2 issues though, I bet he would have joined the Joes.

For Snake Eyes I used a Star Wars Mandalorian Marauder mini. I had to trim the neck a little because of how the Mandalorian's helmet was shaped and I added the visor with green stuff.

Again, I did my best guess for the colors since it was a B&W comic. For all I know his suit is dark purple with yellow highlights.


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