Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Darklon - Evader Driver

Darklon came along around the time I was getting out of collecting G.I. Joe, so I'm not sure if I ever had his toy.

I'm not even sure what a "Darklon" is...

Looking back, I get the feeling that Darklon was planned to be a more important character, but something got swapped. His vehicle seems similar to Serpentor's chariot or Zartan's swamp-skier: designed specifically for him, but not the main focus.

That, combined with his "distant cousin of Destro" status, suggests that Darklon was planned to have a more important role, but that never played out. Which is a shame because he's got a very unique look to be a simple vehicle driver.

For Darklon, I used a Guardians of the Galaxy - Sakaaren Commander Heroclix. That guy's pose is perfect for a villain.

I had picked up that miniature as a possible Cobra Commander, but once  saw the weird alien face, I switched it to Darklon.


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