Friday, December 5, 2014

Agent Helix - Covert Operations

Agent Helix has all the earmarks of being a total Mary Sue character: her origin comes not from the cartoon or comics, but from a video game. She's an Olympic level gymnast with an ability called "Total Organic Battlefield Awareness" that lets her analyze a battle down to how many bullets the enemy has. And she's mastered numerous martial arts fighting styles.

She's kind of like the Taskmaster crossed with Batman. The only thing she isn't is that she's not an Arashikage ninja...yet...

And yet, even though she seems kind of contrived and too awesome, I think she's a cool addition to the Joes.

Now that I think if it, Helix is kind of like the Black Widow of the Joes. She uses dual pistols and acrobatics to control the situation. If they can get Scarlett Johansson to play her in the next G.I. Joe movie, it just might be watchable.

For Helix, I used the Domino Heroclix and added a little greenstuff to try and make Helix's hairstyle. Nice that Domino is also a dual pistol shooter.

That's kind of a trend, isn't it?


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