Monday, December 15, 2014

Barricade - Bunker Buster

Barricade is one of those later releases that I just don't know much about. I never had or even saw the figure. I don't think he was in any comics or cartoons, at least not that I saw. He doesn't stand out as being one of those "what the heck were they thinking" kind of figures.

He's just kind of...there.

That being said, Barricade does fill a niche that was missing from the Joes for a long time. In the past, opening doors usually fell to the explosives or missile specialists...even when it didn't make sense. Having someone who job is all about removing obstacles seems a great fit for G.I. Joe.

For Barricade I used a Halo Heroclix...I'm not sure which one it is actually. I can't seem to find which one has the big shoulder laser. This is what happens when you buy bulk Heroclix from eBay.

But if I hadn't, I might not have gone through the effort to make Barricade.


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