Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zarana - Zartan's Sister

Speaking of Mainframe, next up is his star-crossed love, Zarana.

Poor Zarana. While other Joes and Cobras had some special title, she was just "Zartan's Sister". In fact, other than one figure released in 2004 which listed her as "Dreadnok Leader", every other figure has been described as "Zartan's Sister", "Sister of Zartan" or "Sister to Zartan".

While her toys haven't been very imaginative, Zarana is one of the few characters that had some pretty choice roles in the cartoon and in the comics. She even replaced the Baroness at one point!

For her min, I picked the Heroclix Aphrodite IX. Another pretty good match, although I kind of wish I had tried to remove the skirt completely and just painted her legs as pants. Sadly, the picture makes the pants look a bit bluer and more plastic looking than the fig turned out.

C'est la vie.



Removed the skirt and added the shoulder pads\plates:

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