Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mainframe - Computer Specialist

OK, this one is going to take a little explaining...

Mainframe is one of those Joes I liked not because of his speciality, but his back story. In the comics, Larry Hama played this well by making not making him a nerd, but instead showing how he was still a military man at heart, playing more on his Airborne experience than his hacking skills.

So, for Mainframe, I wanted a mini that reflected that too, which is where the explaining comes in:

I found this Star Wars mini, Rebel Marksman, and not only did it have a similar uniform to Mainframe's, it even has a similar helmet.

"Perfect!" I thought and ordered.

When I got it, I glanced at the card that came with it and noticed something:

My "he" was a "she"...

I never noticed anywhere before that that is was a female trooper and, after looking closely at the mini, I can sort of see a more...pronounced...chest area.

But you know what, it's not that noticeable and who cares about the supposed gender of a piece of plastic anyway!

Rather than scrap it and start over I decide that it will stay and I think it does a great job of looking like Mainframe.

So, take that, I guess!


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