Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Side Note: A Sense of Scale

Something I haven't mentioned much before is the scale of the miniatures I've been using.

Most of the miniatures are in the 25 to 28mm range, but honestly the variation is all over the place. Many of the Reaper miniatures are closer to 32mm, in fact.

For example, here are four miniatures: Heroclix - Star Wars - Heroscape - Reaper:

As you can see, Jinx and the Tele-Viper are pretty small. They barely come up to Zartan's chest. And if they stood straight up, they would still only come up to his shoulders.

Cover Girl matches Zartan's height better, but she has part of her Heroclix base on top of the normal base.

Why bring this up?

While it doesn't really bother me, I know from other sites that some people can't stand it!

So, be aware that even within one product line, the sizes can be a little different.



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