Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Barbecue - Fire Fighter

Some of the Joes and Cobras I've done have been "close enough" approximations of the original figure. Or they might be influenced by the comic version or something.

But now and then, I manage to find a mini that is an almost spot on match for a character.

I'm pretty proud with how Barbecue turned out. I started with a Heroclix Checkmate Pawn and added tanks, a hose, and those little ear dealies with green stuff. The submachine gun is now the foam spray nozzle, which the figure came with. He's got everything but the fireman's axe!

If I was a little better modeled, I could have made the tanks and the rack look more authentic, but hey what the heck.

Before I found the Checkmate mini, I thought I'd have to make unmasked Barbecue, which is how he spent most of his time in the cartoon, but I think I lucked out finding a mini with just the right mask.



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