Thursday, March 7, 2013

Budo - Samurai Warrior

Even as a kid, I had a little trouble conceptualizing how Budo fit into the G.I. Joe team.

I don't remember him in the cartoon or comic. I don't know if they ever tied him into the Arashikage family or anything back then. All I knew is he dressed like a Samurai but was from California.

So, he's a LARPer, I guess?

I probably wouldn't even have considered painting him but I had this Arashi Heroclix sitting around from a lot of Heroclix I bought, so...

I used green stuff to give him hair closer to his figure, although I kept the ponytail instead of the samurai topknot because...why not?

I didn't really try to hard to make his paint job super accurate because, let's face it, the green - brown - grey samurai outfit it pretty uninspiring.

However, if this is his new costume, I'm totally going to make another Budo mini:



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