Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Windblade - Cityspeaker

When the Transformers: Windblade comic came out, I had not bought or read a Transformers comic in probably 25 years. And I wasn't buying single issue comics at all. But when I read the premise, I was intrigued.

Obviously, I liked it enough to make a mini-Windblade.

What I immediately liked about Windblade is that she is an outsider who views the characters we all know and love through different eyes. She's trusting and compassionate, something that I don't think has been shown much in Transformers history. And she's a "she" and there still aren't enough female Transformers, so that's cool.

Plus, having women writers and artists on board is awesome. Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone are doing an amazing job.

For Windblade's mini, I started with the Reaper Miniatures Marie, She-Bot and added details with green stuff. Her vehicle mode is a Micro Machines Harrier jet with new wings and additional details.

Oh, and her wings? Made from those thin refrigerator magnet ads you get in the mail. I think this one was for a home realtor.


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