Friday, July 18, 2014

Warpath - Autobot Warrior

A regular tank is kind of cool, but you know what's better? A RED tank.

Warpath is another Transformer that didn't get a lot of love in the cartoon or comics. Which is a shame because he was one of the first Autobot that transformed into something useful in wartime.

Unfortunately his original toy tank mode was about knee high to a G.I.Joe, so he wasn't that imposing.

Which means that my mini-Warpath is about the right scale to a G.I.Joe figure. Sweet!

For Warpath I used a Halo Heroclix (can't find the one I used now) and added the turret and arm things with green stuff. The vehicle mode is a military Micro Machines tank.

A note on the Autobot logo: it's really hard to paint it that small, so mine is more of a..suggestion...of the logo.


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