Monday, July 7, 2014

Thunder - Artilleryman

Technically, Thunder's MOS is "Self-Propelled Gun Artilleryman" but that's kind of a mouthful and also kind of silly.

I'm sure there are people who count Thunder as one of their favorite Joes growing up, but unfortunately he's one of the forgotten vehicle drivers. He was barely in the cartoon, and his contribution to the Marvel comic was to be gunned down along with other (less popular) characters by a S.A.W.-Viper.

That being said, he has a really nice costume design and I always appreciated his unique headset and visor.

For Thunder, I used the Heroclix Soldier from the Man of Steel set and added his headset with green stuff and pieces of paperclips.

He traded in his monocular for an assault rifle. Good choice!


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