Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zanzibar - Dreadnok Pirate

Maybe I should have saved Zanzibar for 'Talk Like a Pirate Day". Then I could do the whole post in pirate jargon. That wouldn't be annoying at all.

Much like Crystal Ball, when I was a kid and they introduced Zanzibar I  was like, "Sure, why not?" Why *wouldn't* the Dreadnoks have a pirate? If G.I. Joe and Cobra can both have ninjas and other stuff, why not pirates.

Now, I just wonder why we didn't get more showdowns between Zanzibar and Shipwreck. These guys are made for each other!

Oh well.

Anyway, for Zanzibar I used another pirate, the space pirate Raza. I added Zanzibar's shoulder pad things with green stuff and also used some to make his pants more like the figure. I neglected to add his purple handkerchief around his leg, but I think I got the other 95% close enough.

Oh yeah...


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