Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hardtop - Crawler Driver

When talking about Keel Haul, I said I thought the U.S.S. Flagg was an urban legend. The Defiant Space Complex, another HUGE play set, I know was real because this one I had. Yeah, really!

The Defiant was so big, it came with two figures: one to pilot the ship, and one to driver the gantry. And I got it for Christmas when I was...honestly...too old to be getting toys for Christmas anymore. (Or so they say.)

Anyway, Hardtop was the driver and it is surprisingly hard to find good miniatures with hard hats. Hardtop was kind of an experiment then, to see if I could make a hard hat, and it came out pretty good, other than the back being uneven where I tried to make his earpiece thing. I was glad I had a chance to use the Lex Luthor in coveralls that I've had sitting around for a long while.

I suppose I could have made him more baby blue, but I think the darker blue looks pretty good on him.


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