Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spirit - Tracker

Let's face it: Spirit was all set to be a horrible depiction of a Native American and in the cartoon, that's kind of what he was. Thankfully, in the comics Larry Hama was able to portray him as someone deeply connected to his native heritage without sounding too much like Tonto.

I never understood why Spirit was often paired against Storm Shadow in the G.I.Joe cartoon. I guess they just decided it was easier to pair up the racist stereotypes. Oh well, it could have been worse...they could have had a Cobra cowboy for him to fight.

When I went looking for a miniature for Spirit, I ran into some similar problems. Most Native American gaming miniatures are of the 'Savage Indian" type. Not what I wanted for Spirit.

Thankfully, the Star Wars Miniature Jariah Syn already had most of the look I needed. I added the headband and shirt details with green stuff, and removed the weird throwing star. Too bad I don't have a little eagle to perch on his arm.

Oh well...



  1. Did you ever make a Cobra Eels diver?

  2. Not yet, but I have plans for one. Just need the time to do it.