Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hard Master - Arashikage Ninja Master

How's this for an obscure Joe-related character? In most Joe continuities, the Hard Master is already dead and we only see him in flashbacks. And yet somehow he did get and action figure, although that one looks a bit too much like Yul Brynner instead of an old Japanese man.

Ya know, I say the Hard Master is an obscure character, but the Marvel comics spent a good amount of time dealing with who murdered the Hard Master and why. Enough time that I felt like he deserved a figure.

He's just a quick repaint of the Heroclix Karate Kid. The only modification I needed was cutting away the pile of broken robot from around his feet.

Does the mean I'll be doing the Soft Master, the Blind Master, and the others?

You better believe it.



  1. Great stuff!!! I am following all your GI Joe posts closely. I have started a small GI Joe project myself. So far I only have a few models converted and painted. You can see them on my blog under GI Joe tag.

    1. I think I stumbled upon your site before. Nice work. Jinx is one of the first ones I did and I'm not sure I did her justice. Might revisit that one sometime. Thanks!