Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grand Slam - Laser Artillery Soldier

Some G.I.Joe figures never got popular because of questionable designs or due to being sold with outlandish vehicles. Some never get a chance due to the order you buy them.

Grand Slam never got a fair shake from me for two reasons: 1) He shared Grunt's head and 2) he had Flash's body. Since I'm pretty sure I had Grunt and Flash before I got Grand Slam, I kind of felt like his figure was a change of outfits for Grunt. It wasn't until that silver pads version of Grand Slam came out that I used him much.

For Grand Slam, I picked the Star Wars Miniatures Human Soldier of Fortune mini. He's got a pretty similar look, with shin armor instead of thigh pads. But close enough.

And for once, he doesn't just look like a repaint of Flash.


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